Food Grade -
Liquid and Dry Bulk

Liquid Food

We have a dedicated fleet of kosher food grade liquid tankers operating out of our Southern Ontario and Eastern Ontario terminals comprised of tandem, tridem, 4 axles, 5 axles, and 6 axle tankers. Equipped with hydraulically driven food grade pumps these tankers are used to service the food and beverage industry.

Dry Bulk Food

With a fleet of kosher trailers that range from tandem to B-trains, including vacuum trailers, we are ready 24/7 with the means to load and deliver your product anywhere your business requires. With experience shipping products like flour, grains, refined sugars and corn starches, and professional drivers ready to go anywhere in North America, ask one of our sales representatives how we can help fill your current needs. If you can put it in a tanker trailer and pneumatically unload it, we are want to quote on your work.